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The world very much according with Borat Sagdiyev, Kazakh Ministry of Communicate and Joseph Stalin. No deceitful Jew propagandas here. Great success!

Very Much About Borat Sagdiyev and Borat's Wikia (Борат Сағдиев және Борат -ның Викиям туралы) Edit

Borat Sagdiyev

Jagshemash! My name a Borat Sagdiyev. I am born in February 27, 1972 from mother's womb. I grow up as child in Kuzcek in Kazakh SSR, son of Asimbala Sagdiyev and Boltok the Rapist. My sister, Natalya, is a number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan but my younger brother, Bilo, is retard who must keep in the cage. I have many wife; usual keep more than five in case some escape or mistake for woolly bear and shoot by hunter. Some of my wife include professional American hooker Luenell, sister Natalya, and beautiful shaven Pamela Anderson, but unfortunately this one escape shortly after capture. I have a three children, seventeen grand-children, four pet goat, five pet donkey and five certify sexual transmit disease.

Filepicker-3VfcwPM3QVupgQ0fGtRI borat

Borat Sagdiyev at Almaty Internation Airport before make depart for U S and A. Much excite!

After finish school at age 9, I attend Astana University where I make the study of English, journalism, plague research and the disco. To make the moneys more I also was part time ice maker, gypsy catcher, animal puller and computer maintenance engineer of second ever computer in Kazakhstan. Now I become esteemed journalist for best-rating and only Kazakh Television Network, to make report on many important national issue such as declining economy, poor healthcares and Jew outbreak. My time as journalist take me to many wonderful place in the world, such as Good Britain, Australia (no confuse to filthy Jew-hole, Austria) and US and A. During this travels I learn many lesson to bring back to Kazakhstan Government to make benefit my glorious country.

Borat's Wikia (Борат -ның үйрену)

In past, attempts are made to make connection of Internet in Kazakhstan, but mentally retard Uzebkis keep chewing through our fiber-optic cables. In 2010, after engineers use a gypsy hairs for insulating cables, Kazakhstan for first time in history make the internet connection by stealing fiber-optics from China. Unfortunately, many content is censor by democratic Chinese government, including Goggles, U-Tube, Porn Hub, xHamster, Porn Host, Slutload and much more others. This mean Kazakh peoples is deprive of chance to be educate by knowledge on the internet. Therefore, I, Borat Sagdiyev, and Ministry of Communicate, decide to make glorious Wikia to provide informations to peoples of Kazakhstan, free of the censorships, digitally transmit virus and Jew propagandas very much finding on other part of internet. Chenquieh!

Latest activityEdit

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